Early Momentum Matters!

The 30 day Kickstarter campaign tends to unfold in two phases, with two distinct audiences.  Let's start with the second

The most successful KS campaigns receive significant backing from a large number of supporters who aren't associated with the project owner.  They discover campaigns by browsing Kickstarter and social media. 

One thing these "anonymous" backers look for is early momentum in a campaign.  Similar to Groupon, they want to know that enough people are backing the campaign to ensure "the deal is on!" 

And here's another crucial piece of the equation: many of the tools these backers use make a momentum assessment based on activity in the first two days of the campaign.

That's why early support from friends and family is so crucial.  When you get into the campaign on Day 1 and make even a $1 pledge or share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn...you help trigger recommendations to that second wave of anonymous backers.

So, what can you do?  Simple -- if you sign up to be notified of the campaign, we'll send just a couple of emails.  The first will let you know when we've locked on the launch date.  The second will be ON the launch day, and we'll ask you to consider a few actions:

  • If you're interested in supporting the campaign at any of our reward levels, do it!  We're happy that you're interested in the game!
  • Watch the 90 second campaign video from start to finish.  The number of people who watch the complete video is a key metric to the recommendation engines.
  • Share a link to the campaign on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, any place where you're active in social media.

Any of those would help our campaign immensely and could earn you one of our super secret random rewards...

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