Spoiled Dog Games is the brainchild of a couple of guys with passion for gaming and complementary creativity.  We both grew up playing tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Top Secret, Car Wars, and Traveler, as well as the great strategy games like Risk, Axis & Allies, Conquest of the Empire and more.  (Though we're also both science fiction fans we confess we never got into Star Fleet Battles.  We watched an engagement once at AggieCon and realized that the rest of the world had aged two weeks in the time it took to calculate one shot in a battle.

Post-college we both began long careers with large corporations, where the work could be fun at times but never as fun as gaming.  In the evenings we'd play new favorites like Iron Dragon, Empire Builder, Magic: The Gathering and soon-to-be-favorite, Settlers of Catan.  Our love for Axis & Allies continued as well, and we still have some bludgeondary, full weekend D&D engagements. 

For years we talked about how much fun it would to design our own games.  We eventually got a bit older (which always happens) and wiser (which isn't necessarily guaranteed) and realized that esigning our own game would be far more fun than talking about designing our own games.    Hence, here we are.  This website is going live in December of 2016, and we're on track for our first game, Film Tycoon, to follow suite soon. 

Dr. Usual

Prior to partnering with Duke Miguel in game design, Dr. Usual spent most of his professional life in business intelligence and screenwriting.  He loves to travel and is never lost, just exploring.

Favorite games: Empire Builder, Scrabble, Car Wars, Settlers of Catan.

Favorite superheroes: Iron Man and Batman.

Best movie ever: Casablanca.

Non-gaming hobbies: 3D printing, golf, hiking.

Best album: Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon." 

Duke Miguel

Before launching his career as a game designer, Duke Miguel worked in financial analysis, investing, and business program management.  He's also a talented actor and avid environmentalist. 

Favorite games: Lords of Waterdeep, Settlers of Catan, Dungeons and Dragons.

Favorite superheroes: Mighty Thor and Superman.

Best movie ever: ?

Non-gaming hobbies: pool, melee combat, theater.

Best album: The Beatles' "Revolver."