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The Supporting Awesomeness beneficiary for Film Tycoons is the Humane Society of North Texas.  HSNT is a great organization looking out for the welfare of our animal friends, and the Spoiled Dog households have both found new family members via their adoption services.  A portion of the profits from Film Tycoons will be donated to HSNT.

Do you love movies?  Do you watch a film and think, "I would have cast someone else as the main character" or "So-and-so would have been a much better director?"  Film Tycoons is your chance to show off your movie making talent!  You'll buy scripts, hire the directors, find just the right stars.  Do you go to open casting and take a chance on an unknown actor or wait for this year's most wanted A-lister to become available?  Specialize in quirky independent films or wow the worldwide audience with your $300 million blockbuster?  Get that science fiction story in front of a summertime audience or hold it back to end the year with a major release at Christmas?  You're in control of your studio's destiny, whether it be Ishtar or Avatar!

Sample cards!  Scripts, an actress, actor, and director!

It’s the most fun I’ve ever had without reducing an actress to tears!
— Flynn Westood, Director
I’d rather play Film Tycoons than play another freaking elf queen, that’s for sure!
— Kate Flechette, Award Winning Actress
I may not have won an award for Best Actor yet, but I’ve won Film Tycoons eighteen times this year alone!
— Tampa Bay Bloom, World Reknowned Actor

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